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We are the Fault Line Flyers - a club with members from the Austin, Texas area organized for the purpose of promoting interest and the participation in the sport of soaring. We are a not-for-profit corporation and a local chapter of the Soaring Society of America(external link) (cache).

To join FLF, an applicant must purchase a (refundable) share in the club and become a member of the SSA. All members pitch in to run the club and minimize operating costs. We have about 60 active members.

The club operates every weekend from a club owned airport with a 4800 foot grass runway in Briggs, Texas. The club provides flight instructions to its club members and has programs to obtain a Private Pilot Glider license for the beginner, solo pilot, or those who wish to add a Glider rating to their Airplane license.

Aero tow, and auto tow operations are available, all of which are conducted with an emphasis on safety. Fault Line Flyers has an excellent safety record, thanks in large part to the great depth of experience among its members and instructors.

Come out and give Soaring a try!

The first Saturday of each month we host a Demo Day where we invite visitors to come out for an introductory ride! (For details click this link Demo Day ). Rides cost $60 or $80, depending on the plane, and last about a half hour. A $10 discount is available for students, a $5 discount is available for groups of 5 or more that contact us in advance. A Soaring flight can be a very unique gift as well.

Soaring is a unique experience, why not give it a try? See you in Briggs...

Club Aircraft
  • (2) Schweizer 2-33 (Two seat metal and cloth glider)
Image N2479W Image N1185S
  • (1) Grob Twin Astir (Two seat fiber glass glider)
Image Twin Astir
  • (1) Schweizer 1-26E (One seat metal and cloth glider)
Image 1-26,
  • (1) Pawnee-235HP N42VA(Tow Plane)
  • (1) Cessna 152-180HP N48887(Tow Plane)

In addition there are approximately 20 gliders owned by club members.

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